The HTC HD7 Is the Biggest WP7 Phone to Date, So If Size Matters It Should Be Your First Choice

Check out the new HTC HD7! The phone is entertainments based with an HD video recorder and access to an equaliser application which helps the phone deliver a super rich listening experience. The HD7 is packing a big punch with its heavy 1GHz processor and with the brand new 聊天 Windows 7 mobile OS in place users will find there exclusive smartphone experience to be rich in information and online incorporation.

The 4.3inch super screen is touch capacitive and which means it utilizes the multi-touch input method; it is ultra responsive and actions are performed instantaneously 聊天室. The on-screen imagery is produced by a pixel set up of 480 x 800 pixels which can quite capably handle colour rich videos and games. As with most of HTC’s latest pieces, the HD7 frames its screen with a very tight casing which gives the phone a raw, electronically advanced feel. WP7’s on-screen keyboard is well sized and a capable tool for messaging users, the screen technology also consists of an accelerometer which allows users to utilize the phones landscape and widescreen capabilities.

The HTC HUB allows full access to loads of useful apps, while more can be downloaded from the web 識男仔. The device is socially aware with integrated support for sites like Facebook, Windows Live, Twitter and Flickr, there is sufficient coverage for messaging and e-mail and all the phones online aspects are supported by super fast connectivity. The HTC HD7 is equipped with 3G, EDGE, GPRS and Wi Fi, so connecting to the internet or a cellular network is almost effortless on the phones part.

A 5MP digital camera covers the requirements of a budding young film maker comfortably; with the ability to shoot gorgeous HD videos in 720p and accurate still images with the assistance of AF and LED flash the HD7 is clearly designed around those who enjoy using there phone as a portable entertainments device. To accompany the great visual experience, HTC have installed Dolby mobile and SRS surround sound to provide users with the best possible listening experience.

The HTC media Hub supports a Zune powered video and music player which, in-turn supports FM radio and dedicated facilities for downloading music. HTC has also thrown in a 3.5mm AV connection for headphones and in Europe we can benefit from an 8GB internal memory, sadly the 16GB version has been limited to Asia. The HD7 is loaded up with the latest Bluetooth technology and supports a very wide range of audio and video formats.

Other features which users may benefit from are the location services like Bing Maps which are supported by A-GPS. There is a kickstand for a desktop cinematic experience and a fully customizable interface which incorporates the tile based home screen. Another cool factor the HD7 has to offer is its XBOX Live integration which allows gamers to play console quality games in hand-held form.

HTC’s latest batch of phones has been nothing short of impressive with some contending for phone of the year. The new Windows Phone OS 7 is a galaxy apart from the older clunky version and delivers a slick user experience in all aspects of the phones interface. The HTC HD7 is the biggest WP7 phone to date, so if size matters it should be your first choice.

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