American Dental Association – How The ADA and Dentists Can Help Us All

The American Dental Association is an advocacy group that promotes oral health care within the field of dentistry. The ADA was established in almost 150 years ago and has more than 100,000 members. This organization is the world’s largest and oldest national dental association. Its job is to promote good oral health to the public while representing the dental profession at the same time. One thing that the American Dental Association should advocate are universal dental plans that will give everyone free dental coverage. Other than that, the ADA is a very good company.

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Regarding dental coverage, studies have shown that people with dental plans have the tendency to have better dental health as they go for preventive dental checkups dentures. This should be a wake-up call to anyone who does not think that universal health care is a necessity. Prevention is the key to better hygiene and yet many Americans simply do not have the money to pay for the proper dental care that they need.

Most of the health insurance provided today has dental insurance provided in it according to American Dental Association statistics. So usually there is no need to buy a separate dental insurance. If your medical or health insurance does not provide dental insurance, you must obtain dental insurance in your health insurance which is a increase in your premium. Those people on a fixed budget will not be able to afford this and they and their children will suffer because of the lack of dental insurance that they cannot afford.

If you are lucky enough to have an employer that provides dental insurance, then you are all set. In fact, you should go for this type of insurance as your employer is paying for a major part, if not all, of the premium for your dental coverage, something the American Dental Association would applaud loudly for.

Family dental insurance provides dental insurance to the entire family, but it is limited by the amount of premium that you are willing to pay on a monthly basis. It is better to go for this type of dental insurance than nothing at all if you’re not lucky enough to have an employer that provides dental insurance.

The original idea of dental insurance was to provide dental health care and hygiene help for those in need. Unfortunately, dental insurance has become so outrageously high, not to mention the cost of treatments at the dentist if you do not have health insurance, that most people would suffer the pain of a toothache rather than let their children starve because they do not have the money to pay for a dentist, something that I am sure is not advocated by the American Dental Association.

In conclusion, it is time to advance to a universal healthcare system where the American Dental Association and dental insurance can work together and figure out a way to give everyone dental coverage at any age. This is a small price to pay for preventive means by which we and our children can have better teeth from now and into the future.

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