Losing Stomach Fat Diet – 3 Simple Tips For a Flat Tummy

Losing stomach fat is probably the number 1 priority for people looking to loose weight and there is a good reason for it, stomach fat is most dangerous area to store fat and this type of fat has been linked with diabetes and heart conditions.

It’s all about having some self control for the sake of your body and overall health and by making simple changes to your eating habits and lifestyle you can help reach your weight loss goals that much quicker.

Tip 1 – Cinnamon and Honey Tea

Not only is cinnamon a very popular spice for people in a pre-diabetic state but its used to help people who already have type 2 diabetes control there blood sugar levels and cinnamon provides this by increasing our bodies insulin sensitivity.

By incorporating the fat metabolizing benefits of honey and blood sugar lowering properties of cinnamon in a tea it’s a great way to sit back relax and watch the weight melt away.

Tip 2 – Fiber for a flat tummy

Another hugely overlooked part of a healthy diet is fiber and by simply increasing our levels of fiber Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews in our diets we can help to improve our digestive performance and help our bodies shed extra weight by efficiently processing the nutrients from our food and getting rid of the rest through waste.

Fiber is especially important for people who suffer from bloating or carry extra fat around there waistline, so next time your at the supermarket choose foods that have higher fiber content. Most fruits and vegetables contain plenty of fiber so it’s a good idea to just stick with what’s healthy and you’ll be getting your daily fiber.

Tip 3 – Skipping Exercises and heart health

One of my types of exercises is skipping not only is it a great inexpensive way to exercise it also has the ability to burn the same amount of fat as running for 30 minutes and its great for strengthening your heart and extremely effective at toning core muscles and building strong abs.

The aim when skipping to train and maintain a high heart rate throughout your exercises, this way you build up heart and cardio strength. For example I might jump from skipping 50 to 100 times straight into some squat jumps to really put my body into fat burning mode.

Remember a losing stomach fat diet will always avoid highly processed and refined man made foods, so if it doesn’t look like it would grow or graze on the planet then it’s best to stay away from it.

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