Eat Better, Not Less

For years, I would go on a diet, lose weight, then return to my old eating habits and gain the weight back. I would not intentionally go back to my old eating habits but sooner or later I was overweight again.

I would have the best intentions but as everyone knows eating healthy in a fast food environment is tough to do. At first I would go into a hamburger place with the intention of ordering a salad. That would last about 3 seconds until I saw all the pictures of burgers and meals. I would fail and order hamburger and fries with a soft drink. I would then feel guilty, mentally beat my self up, and then try and repeat the process with a different out come the next day. However, since I blew lunch, I would usually stop for a soft drink and peanuts on the way home. Food was my companion and food was my master.

My next effort was to say to myself that I would eat a salad before I went into the fast food restaurant thinking if I planned the meal I would be successful. I did much better with this approach and could last up to 5 seconds before ordering a burger and fries and soft drink.

My next effort was to take my salad with me and eat it in a park or some quiet place. This effort failed miserably as the lunch would call out to me while I was driving to be eaten immediately. Since it was a salad and not fattening I would eat the lunch by 10 o’clock and then eat my burger and fries and drink Sonus Complete at lunch. This approach kept me full all day and I managed to gain weight.

My next effort and the one that worked is the one I am still on today. I found a nutritional supplement that I mixed with 12 ounces of water and drank on an empty stomach before breakfast. This nutritional supplement provided me with enough vitamins and minerals that I was not hungry when lunch time came. I still had some desire for a burger and fries but this time I chose to purchase a salad at the local grocery store and eat this for lunch. This was enough for me and I lasted until supper where I had a bowl of soup. Because I did not over eat during the day I was able to sleep all night long and actually felt relieved that I had conquered my first day on controlling my eating. I was on my way to permanent weight loss.

So here is a brief list of my eating habits:

· Smart Mix at 5:45 a.m.
· Green tea, nothing special, 6:00 a.m.
· Bowl of Old Fashion Oatmeal at 6:45 a.m., Small glass of orange juice, eye dropper of sub-lingual B12.
· Energy capsule at 10 a.m. if I think about it or feel I need it.
· Salad bar from local grocery store at noon.
· Cup of coffee on drive home and maybe a package of toast and peanut butter crackers. (around 4 p.m.)
· Soup for supper with 1 cracker.
· Miracle tea before bed.
That is my diet in general and it works great. I have finally mastered my food and eat better and not less. The important ingredient is the Smart Mix in the morning as it supplies my body with the proper nutrition I need to stay on my diet.

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