TFT Best Comps For WoW

While the best TFT comps may be subjective and may be determined after a post is created, seek TFT Meta forum to be an invaluable resource not only for the new and returning players alike but even those who are interested in knowing what Teamfight Tactics dictates the competitive meta. The game has not ceased to amaze even the most accomplished players of all walks of life with its ability to captivate the imaginations of casual and hardcore players as well. The TFT comp is probably the one thing to which every WoW player, be it the veteran or the newbie can ascribe his most strategic points. Since the inception of TFT, there have been some pretty interesting changes in the game that have astounded almost all players. Let’s take a look at some of them TFT Best Comps .


At one point, Gnome has had the strongest composition in the game. Unfortunately, this has also made it the strongest composition against most other compositions and the TFT Best Comps list was no exception. Although Gnome may not be as strong as it once was, Gnome Prime can still do the job when played with proper execution of abilities and smart positioning. In every two fights where Gnome performs well, composition is generally weaker or more vulnerable.

As Gnome has lost its niche against other tanks, it has started to get second best in every Comp composition. Even though trinket effects were buffed and s-tier talents were buffed, Gnome is still not as strong as it used to be. Its main weakness lies on its poor mobility, combined with mediocre performance against magical casters and big heals. In fact, Gnome suffers from the worst DPS-efficiency than any other tank in the game.

In contrast to that, TFT Best Comps has gained strength from several new additions to the game. First, the Cabernet Saucer talent tree, giving TFT tanks greater survival against aoe effects and reducing their overall DPS. Second, the new Cabernet Spitter talent tree focuses on increasing damage of individual tamed star units and increasing their DPS. Last, the arrival of the Cabernet Augur has drastically changed the way Gnomes operate in the game. No longer is Gnome simply a Brawler; it has emerged as a core caster DPS machine.

This has brought about a new problem. If you play Gnome now, you know that the priority of a Gnome player is to not die. If you are playing Gnome as a support role, then you are unlikely to have a reliable damage dealing comp like Gnome or a strong s-tier composition like Rogue. The only viable option seems to be either a burst based comp or a support role that can’t survive until the late game.

So what can we do? In PvP, the answer is obvious. We need a burst damage dealing, tanking spec that relies on pets for healing. TFT Best Comps does this nicely, thanks to the introduction of the Cabernet Saucer talent tree. With the right spec, a Gnome Astrologist with the right pet will have an amazing amount of sustained dps.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the solution for every party. For instance, Rogue and Gunslinger clearly don’t want to waste their energy on a burst damage dealer like Gnome. And Warlocks can’t handle the sheer cc potential of a yi warrior or mage. So these are the situations where TFT Best Comps shine. If your party needs to have some survivability, you can stick with the traditional pets like Rabbit, Wolf or Dragon. If burst potential is your goal, the pets of your choice will be a lot less important.

In my opinion, the best comps at level 9 are Cybron, Fiddlestick and Nighstalkers (preferably replaced with Naga if you can get one). Fiddlestick is still great as a solo source of red buff, especially when paired with a gnome, as the gnomes hit very hard. The carbon can still crit, but it’s likely you’ll be taking more damage from enemy casters after the patch. As for Naga, she shines the most as a support, often trading her red buff for a silence.

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