Premium & Free SGues – Which Should Be Used on Your Sites?

Premium & Free SVG is two different typefaces that can be used in combination with WordPress. This theme requires the use of a lot of technical stuff to make it work. This theme is very easy to install, however, it does require some knowledge of the technicalities involved. It is one of the most popular themes around and is available for download from the WordPress website. All the instructions are given there along with the installation procedure Halloween SVG .

The premium font is the San Francisco Slim Font, which is used by the blog roll. The free font is the Georgia Micro Typeface, which is the default font used in WordPress. Both these fonts can be used on any page as they are 100% free of cost. The premium font will have the special property to adjust its size to fit the available space on any screen.

These fonts are compatible with most of the web browsers. They also look very good and provide the best viewing experience to the users. If you are planning to have some images or graphics on your site then the premium font is the ideal choice as it is the only font that has this attribute. This font will not change the actual size of the text, but it will make it appear smaller. This is possible because of the way the size scaling algorithm of the internet browser works. Another advantage of using this font is that it can be used in conjunction with other fonts and will provide even better results.

While using the premium fonts on your site, one should make sure that they are not using any virus protection software as this will prevent the fonts from loading properly. It will also prevent the visitors from downloading the fonts onto their computer. There is also a possibility that the fonts may contain malicious files on the computer system and therefore one must take extreme caution. The free fonts are not much of a threat as they do not store any files on the computer.

A very important thing that should be remembered by the designer is that the free version does not guarantee any sort of security or reliability. Even if the website is hosted at a reliable server, installing free software can be risky. A hacker can infiltrate the website without the knowledge of the designer. This means that the website owner may lose all his work and money. It is always better to opt for a premium version so as to avoid this situation.

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of a successful website. When a visitor comes to a particular site, he is interested in finding information. Therefore, the site should provide this. If the design of the site is not efficient enough, then the visitor will not spend much time on the site. It is better to focus on the things that matter most to the visitors and provide the best user experience.

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