Lower Back Pain Relief – A Brief Discussion

When seeking lower back pain relief, many patients will look for medications that can make the pain go away. While doctors may prescribe over the counter medications such as a non-steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID) like Ibuprofen, some patients do not believe in the effectiveness of OTC drugs. These patients will then insist that the doctor prescribe something stronger or attempt to find something on their own. Legal Steroids Europe

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Medications that are based on opium are often prescribed to fight back pain, even if it is not necessary. While these opium based drugs are effective at relieving pain, they have side effects that make it difficult to function in day to day life and are notoriously addictive when misused. Narcotic addiction is the primary reason why these pain killers are difficult to get prescribed for lower back pain relief.

In addition to the dangers of addiction, it has been shown that Opioid based drugs are not all that effective in treating chronic lower back pain. For long term lower back pain relief due to a chronic condition, it has been shown that non-addictive pain killers are just as effective as the stronger Opioid drugs. However doctors may consider continuing with narcotic pain relief therapy if the patient is allergic to other drugs such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen or if the side effects of the non-narcotic are too severe for the patient.

While patients may not become addicted to narcotic pain killers when seeking lower back pain relief as part of their prescribed treatment, they may later become addicted through abuse of the drug. Many times once a condition has run its course a patient may find that they have several doses or refills of a powerful pain medication still available to them. Legally, these doses are to be destroyed but most patients keep them on hand for later self medication.

Once a patient begins to rely on the drugs for treating conditions that would easily be relieved by OTC drugs, or when they begin to take the drugs merely to improve their mood, the danger of addiction becomes greater. When used as directed by a doctor, narcotic pain relievers can be effective in lower back pain relief. When used improperly they are a dangerous substance that can lead to a life destroying addiction.

Not only do narcotics pose a risk to the patient who was originally prescribed them, they can also be dangerous for those around them. It is not uncommon for a patient to give a few of their pain pills to friends or family members who may be complaining of an ache or a pain. However, even a small exposure to an addictive substance can be enough to trigger an addiction, not to mention the dangers that are inherent in the drugs themselves due to dizziness, drowsiness, and other side effects.

Pain management is a big part of providing lower back pain relief. However if the doctor does not feel that it is necessary to use something as strong as a narcotic, the patient should trust that advice and not attempt to shop around for better pills. While narcotics can sometimes be more effective than OTC drugs, in many instances they only appear to be helping more because of the “high” that some people may feel when taking them. Addiction and drug abuse are very real problems and narcotic pain killers are a gateway into those problems when used incorrectly.

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