Blogging – What Is a Blog and How Does It Work?

Blogs are simple texts that carry fresh news in the web unlike websites that contain all the information in the home page, which are described later in separate pages. Blogs, on the other hand, carry only one page and goes on continuing to several posts, which are then preserved as archives after a fixed time frame. If you look into the construction aspects of these two items, you will definitely recognize the difference between a blog and a website.

The formation of the conventional website is done with additional pages depending on the size of the company or on the volume of the online business . You will find one page website as well as of 50 pages, which are usually inter-linked with each other or with the home page of the website providing many different sub categories of products or services covered by the website. There are websites that contain hundreds of pages, all of which are meticulously synchronized under different categories for the reader to get to the specific topic promptly.

A blog is a unique entity of one page with multiple entries. You get the latest entry first then others in a serial. It is open to everyone and is normally managed by one author. Entries are made in the blog according to the desire of the author or the blogger when the individual wants to put something before the world. You can also create your own blog and start opening up on any topic that you wish to inform to the public. You must have observed that several celebrities have also started blogging to let the people know of their opinions on different subjects and events in the world over.

The MAIN PAGE of a blog has multiple entries with small texts, which are first few lines of the whole blog and sometimes they carry embedded links for the targeted website. These small texts speak of different stories that are there so that a reader can make the choice to read the full story by clicking on them. There are provisions of certain links for other stories or websites on the same page, which the reader may choose to visit. You can call the blog a simple online journal, where the blogger is free to express his views and remarks on any topic under the sky.

Readers become interested in visiting the blog regularly on the STREGTH of the story. The presence of helpful information makes the blog much more important to readers, which are the basics of popularity of a blog.

A blog has to maintain the FOCUS on the topic that it explains. If you have created a blog on tours and travels, you should keep on giving latest information of different touring destinations that people would prefer to go in short trips or long trips. You have to be absolutely perfect in providing information on the subject as an expert, which enhances the credibility of the blog and you get increased traffic to your blog. Your articles on particular destinations should be able to arouse excitement in people that love tours and travels. You will get favorable response from them through word of mouth publicity of your blog and will definitely enjoy top class popularity. Your commentary about a holiday destination should be honest and timely.

3. Respond to your readers’ comments. When a reader leaves a comment on your blog (not spam), it’s important to respond, especially if the comment is a question. This shows the reader that you care about their thoughts and comments and encourages them to comment again in the future. Online writing is meant to be interactive, which means the reader can interact with you (the writer) and vice versa. If you have tons of comments but haven’t replied to any of them, chances are you’ll start getting less and less as time goes on. People like to have their thoughts acknowledged, so keep your readers happy and respond!

4. Leave comments on other blogs. This helps you become part of the blogger community. Search for blogs that concentrate on the same topic as you and leave a well-thought-out comment. Include a link to your blog to encourage others to check it out. Link to others’ blog posts too. If you link to theirs, they’ll be more likely to link to yours. Leaving comments allows you to create relationships and exchange ideas with other bloggers which can help keep your content fresh and expose it to a whole new world of readers.

5. Always write in a conversational tone. Blogs are meant to be educational but also fun. Even if you’re writing in a business blog, it’s important to keep the tone light and conversational rather than using confusing (and boring) corporate lingo. Write so everyone can understand, not just the experts in your industry. Some readers may be relying on you to explain things they don’t already understand, it’s important to keep those people in mind while writing. Also keeping the tone conversational allows people to feel like they’re having a conversation with an actual human being, not a company. This will help increase trust in the relationship.

Following these tips will not only help lead new readers to your blog but also help you gain more credibility as a blogger. Since anyone can have a blog, making sure to present yourself as an expert on your topic of choice is crucial. You want to create a trustworthy relationship with your current readers as well as engage them and attract a new audience.

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