Project Management Concepts Through Interview Questions for Project Managers – Part 1

The aim of this series of articles is to introduce project management concepts. Interview questions one may face for project Manager position are used as a vehicle to introduce these concepts. This is the first part of the series and introduces the preliminaries.

The series is going to be in ten parts, and each article in the series will discuss five questions that you may get asked and explain the related questions PMP certification . Concepts introduced should help you prepare for PMP certification that is often required for a Project Manager position.

The very first question could well be what would be the definition of a project? A project is not like the regular set of activities of an organization. For example a biscuit/cookie factory will have a set of activities defined that are required.

The set of activities defined to generate a new packaging will be a onetime project. However, when the packaging is created and approved, the set of activities added/existing activities modified, to create the packaging becomes part of the manufacturing process.

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